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Giving Back

Join us in our mission to  make the world a better place.

Qapital and underlying portfolio companies combine their efforts to support ESG goals.

Current projects

Qapital & UN ESG


Helping nature by planting trees and restoring the habitat.

Reforestation campaigns

Electric vehicles

Office waste management


Providing education, support and a safe workplace.

Educational employee program

BREEAM office certification

Inclusivity Partner Policy


Leadership by example & transparant work methods.

Shared Ownership & Accountability

Risk Management

Stakeholder transparancy


Stewardship & Investment

Stewardship is a key component of our investment beliefs. Our main focus lies in purpose and sustainable investing. Our strategy and market approach is integrated in our view on responsibility and objectives of providing resources to others.

Our activities are aimed at long term value creation and benefits for all stakeholders. As different stakeholders might have various objectives we find it of the upmost importance to align those views for creating mutual advantage.

Current projects

Finance for Ukraine

Supporting the Finance for Ukraine Foundation with IT resources.

Cooling down the planet

A tree is planted for every e-commerce transaction.

Healthy Kids

Sponsoring several local sportteams for kids ages 10-18 .